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The Market Size of PCB Is Expanding

Feb. 25, 2021

Printed Circuit Board (PCB), is a bridge that carries electronic components and connects the circuit, refers to the common substrate in a predetermined design to form a connection between the points and printed components of the printed board, its main function is to make a variety of electronic components to form a predetermined circuit connection, play a role in transmission.

As a key component of electronic products, PCB is used in almost all electronic products and is an indispensable electronic component in modern electronic information products, known as the "mother of all electronic products".

PCB manufacturing quality not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products, but also affects the integrity of the signal transmission between the chip and the chip, the level of development of its industry can, to a certain extent, reflect the development speed and technology level of a country or region's electronic information industry.

The global PCB market presents the attributes of "cycle + growth", the downstream terminal electronic trend to promote PCB long-term space up.

On the one hand, PCB as a basic electronic components, with the trend of downstream terminal electronic usage continues to rise, on the other hand, PCB by the macroeconomic impact on the demand for electronic products show fluctuations.

 Automotive PCB Board

With the transfer of the PCB industry, the market size of PCB and is also expanding. According to Prismark statistics, the global PCB industry market space of $61.34 billion, the industry is expected to grow at a compound rate of 4.3% from 2019-2024


PCB core substrate is the copper laminate, from the cost point of view, the core substrate copper laminate accounts for about 30%-40% of the entire PCB manufacturing.

The main raw materials for copper laminates are glass fiber cloth, wood pulp paper, copper foil, epoxy resin and other materials, of which copper foil is the most important raw material for manufacturing copper laminates, accounting for 80% of the material weight.


The laminate industry is a large capital requirement, relatively high concentration of an industry.

Research data show that the global copper clad board industry CR10 up to 75%, CR5 up to 52%, a high degree of concentration, of which the market share of raw benefit technology for 12%, the industry's main companies have a strong bargaining power, and copper clad board downstream of the PCB industry CR10 is only 26%, a fully competitive industry.


PCB upstream industry has developed rapidly in recent years, both the number and scale of upstream service enterprises, delivery timeliness or other supporting services, have been able to meet the needs of the industry, the upstream has formed a relatively concentrated and stable supply pattern.

PCB downstream applications are more extensive, in recent years the downstream industry is more diversified, product applications covering communications electronics, consumer electronics, computers, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical devices, national defence and aerospace and other fields.

Among them, communications, automotive electronics and consumer electronics accounted for a total of 60% of the three major areas, the accelerated construction of 5G base stations will drive the rapid development of the PCB industry chain.

PCB industry revenue is mainly determined by the downstream demand for PCB manufacturers, their profit margins in addition to the downstream demand and upstream supply, but also its own product structure, production scale, yield and line automation level is closely related: higher-order PCB products such as HDI, flexible circuit board profit levels are usually higher than traditional PCB products; scale production is conducive to PCB manufacturers to dilute fixed costs to improve profitability.In addition, PCB manufacturers can improve per capita output and optimize profitability by enhancing the level of automation of production lines.

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