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What Is the Basic Role of Printed Circuit Board Production?

Oct. 23, 2020

Printed circuit board production refers to the production of printed circuits, printed components, or conductive patterns formed by the combination of the two on an insulating substrate according to a predetermined design. On the insulating substrate, it provides electrical connection between components and equipment. The conductive pattern, called printed circuit, does not include printed components. The printed circuit or the finished board of the printed circuit is called the printed circuit board or the printed circuit board, also known as the printed board.

The substrate made of the printed circuit board is generally made of insulating, heat-insulating, and not easy to bend materials. The fine line material that can be seen on the outside is copper foil. The copper foil is originally covered on the entire board, but part of the copper foil is etched away during the production process, and the remaining copper foil becomes a grid-like fine line . These lines are called wires and are used to provide circuit connections for components on the printed circuit board.

Printed Circuit Board

In order to fix the components on the printed circuit board, the pins can be soldered directly on the pads. The pads are used to fix the pins of components or lead out connections, test wires, etc. The pads have various shapes such as round and rectangle. On the most basic printed circuit board (single panel), the components will be gathered on one side, and the wires will be gathered on the other side. In this case, it is necessary to make holes in the board so that the pins can pass through the board to the other side, so the pins of the meta equipment are welded on the other side. Therefore, the front and back sides of the printed circuit board are called the component side and the solder side respectively.

If two printed circuit boards are to be connected to each other, gold finger edge connectors are generally used. The elastic pieces of the adaptor are connected for pressing contact and conductive interconnection. Usually, when connecting, insert the golden finger on one of the printed circuits into a suitable slot on the other printed circuit (generally called the expansion slot Slot). Because gold has good electrical conductivity, it will not be directly oxidized at low temperature and high temperature, and will not rust, and the electroplating process is very easy, and the appearance is also good. Therefore, the appearance of contacts in the electronics industry is almost always selected for electroplating gold. In the computer, the graphics display card, sound card, network card or other similar interface cards are connected to the motherboard by means of golden fingers.

The effects of printed circuit boards in electronic equipment include: provide fixed and installed mechanical support for transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components; realize transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components The wiring and electrical connection and electrical insulation between them meet their electrical characteristics; provide identification characters and graphics for the viewing and repair of components in the electronic installation process, and provide solder mask graphics for wave soldering.

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